CORE Step Off the Dark Age Production Line Onto the Shelves

September 24, 2012 by dracs

That's right, the long awaited rust buckets of mayhem are finally ready to hit the shelves. Spark off your force with the CORE Starter Box Set!

CORE Out of the Box

In this box set you will find the following:

3 x Menial Bots

CORE Menial Bot

2 x Rend


1 x Pathfinder

CORE Pathfinder MK1

All in all, everything a growing robot army of destruction needs to get itself off the ground. Or out of it, considering the CORE's backstory.

It is great to see these miniatures becoming available and I cannot wait to see how they play out on the table, or even how many Dark Age players might choose to field them. The models themselves look brilliant, striking the perfect balance between dilapidated and deadly.

Will any of you be picking up some of these clanking creations? If you want to find out more about the new CORE box set, be sure to check out the Dark Age Webpage.

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