The C.O.R.E’s L1ghtbr1nger Leads Dark Age’s February New Releases

February 6, 2017 by brennon

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The world of Dark Age welcomes some fantastic looking new miniatures for both the C.O.R.E and the Shadow Caste Dragyri. We had a look at the previews last week which featured this stellar looking model, L1ghtb1nger...


"In the decade or so since the CORE AI was reawakened, it has been writing its own code to fill in the gaps left by the original programmers. As the CORE forces have encountered various factions across Samaria, they have reacted and the central AI has learned.

Intrigued by the tenacity of humanity, the CORE AI has been “interviewing” captured Forsaken soldiers for years. Menial Bots have been scavenging battlefields for parts of the amazing Archangel suits, and the AI has been writing code that has led to a new kind of robot. The L1ghtbr1nger now stands at the forefront of the CORE forces, ready to use the “faith” of humans against them."

Now that is a fantastic looking miniature. It's neat to see the fusion of Sci-Fi and Fantasy, mixing a little bit of magic into this grim dark post-apocalyptic future. It's interesting that its scavenging the Archangel design and twisting it round to suit their purpose.

Supporting L1ghtb1nger in battle are a number of additional characters for the C.O.R.E. First up we have the RaPtr-7 Pack.


Effectively a pair of clanking jaws on legs these would be a dangerous pack to send after your enemies. As speedy melee troops, they are good for closing the gap with your enemies and making sure they can't put their plans into action.

Two variants of Menials are also coming together for the C.O.R.E with the Spartans...

Spartan Menial

...and the Titan Menial.

Titan Menial

The Spartan are a great low-level ranged unit for use in your games. Collect together a lot of them and you'll be able to lay down a lot of covering fire for your troops. The Titan is a bit more of a dangerous beast that you should send wading into the mix. With that wrecking ball, you'll be smashing aside your foes.

Shadow Caste Support

The Shadow Caste continues to grow as a force with some new characters. Considering we've just seen the hulking mass of the C.O.R.E it's neat to switch things up with the lithe and agile Dragyri.


First up we have the Naedrae which really shows off just how impressive the character design has come along for Dark Age. I love all the muscle definition and the poses they've managed to get for their warriors, giving them all a sense of movement.

The Strega don't particular subscribe to the same dose of movement that the Shadow Caste seem to adopt but then again she is more heavily armoured. The purple/pink really does look fantastic against the black with these studio models.


It would be fun to see how the Shadow Caste would look if you tried a different colour scheme though don't you think?


We're closing in on seeing all of the releases for the first wave of the Shadow Caste. We saw a lot of these models at Gen Con last year and finally, they are hitting the tabletop, completing the set!

Changing things up a bit again we have some of the support creatures for the Shadow Caste with these Spiderlings.

Lesser Spiderlings

"Given the Shadow Caste’s mistrust of the Alteghran slaves, they looked deeper into the shadows for their servants. The Spiderlings (both Greater and Lesser) are wonderfully mute and very susceptible to telepathic manipulation. It is thus that they are controlled by Shadow Caste Focus wielders, and they really become more of an extension of the Trueborn controlling them, mobbing opponents, scouting out battlefields, and spying on unsuspecting foe."

Their focus is to use their abilities on troops in a support role. With Blind and Toxic abilities at hand they can start to drop some conditions on key troops. Plus, you can use their movement to go and control secondary objectives.

What do you think of these new offerings?

"Supporting L1ghtb1nger in battle are a number of additional characters for the C.O.R.E..."

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