Dark Age Aim True With Dedlock The Faceless Killer

January 6, 2015 by brennon

Dark Age have shown off another upcoming miniature for their range of deadly futuristic warfare in the shape of the lithe Dedlock. See what you make of this gunslinging dead-eye...

Dedlock (Front)

Dedlock (Side)

Dedlock (Rear)

Not a bad looking miniature at all and she seems to embody all the grace and lethality that you'd expect of a stone cold killer. I like that they've given her very pale skin as well in this official paint job as it goes well with the dark suit and gives her an almost ghostly feel. Match that with her Deathstroke like mask and you've got one hell of a professional.

Dedlock Stats

Above you can also see the stat card that they shared for Dedlock showing off some of her skills and equipment. One thing I would point out is that the artwork makes her look a lot more 'buff' than her miniature shows. She doesn't appear to have nearly as much muscle definition, in her legs especially, when compared to the artwork.

Either way what do you think of her?

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