Dark Age CORE Previews from GAMA!

March 16, 2012 by brennon

One of the new factions for Dark Age is the CORE and you saw a sneak peek of the concept art for the Medical Bot a few days ago. Well, check out some model previews of the actual CORE troops below...

Pathfinder MKI Front

Pathfinder MKI

First up is this Pathfinder above. A massive machine with claws and talons galore. Would not want to be on the end of those buzz saw type pincers at the front.

Rend Front

Rend Rear

Second we have a CORE trooper that goes by the name of Rend. You can imagine why he got such a name with those blades whirring on the ends of his limbs. I love the archaic look to the machinery, as if they have been awoken from a long slumber.

Menial Bot Front

Menial Bot Rear

And last of all is this Menial Bot. I would imagine this is the lowest of the low in the CORE faction but I think he looks the best!

Are you liking this snap shot of the CORE Faction?

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