New Dark Age Fanatacism Book & Battle Report To Enjoy!

October 8, 2014 by brennon

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The folks behind Dark Age have shown off some of the additional material you'll be needing to play Fanaticism including Rulebook, Cards and Objective Cards! Oh and there's a battle report to watch above too...

Fanaticism Rulebook

Fanaticism Card Deck

Dark Age Objective Deck

It's all looking very snazzy indeed and the battle report deals with the newest of the factions that we showed off last time, the Prevailers. See how they fare against the might of the CORE and comment below on whether or not this game has taken your fancy.

The miniatures are getting decidedly better and better and the books and other materials look of superb quality so it's getting hard to ignore!

What do you think of Dark Age?

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