Dark Age Makes Things Fiery This Chirstmas Time

December 24, 2013 by brennon

A whole bunch of new releases have been shared by the folks at Dark Age. Check out some very cool looking figures below especially that amazing Greater Fire Elemental which is easily the best of the bunch.

Greater Fire Elemental



Enforcer of Judgement

Now these are some brilliant looking miniatures. The Greater Fire Elemental is just brilliant, the Embers look creepy (which is a good thing!) and the Enforcer of Judgement has that ace Predator edge to him. The alien races have constantly made me go wow. The Slavemaster I'm not such a fan of but that's just me.

Greater Fire Elemental (Resin)

Embers (Resin)

If you want something a bit special you can also get some of the models in resin and this interesting glistening material. It's quite cool but I love the fact that you could paint them up, so having them like this takes away half of the project.

Has Dark Age got your attention?

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