Dark Age Join The Gen Con 2014 Pre-Release Madness!

August 6, 2014 by brennon

Dark Age have also begun to crank the hype machine for the coming of Gen Con 2014 soon and their miniatures are looking amazing. Check out a few of the best picks from their line-up with more over on their Facebook page!

Dark Age Preview #1

Dark Age Preview #2

Dark Age Preview #3

Dark Age Preview #4

Dark Age Preview #5

You might recognise a few of these miniatures from the current crop of previews we've been seeing surrounding the Fanaticism update to the game. The very bottom image is certainly part of that selection and he looks amazing now he's been painted up! Mix him in with that ace looking archer and the crazy contraption that's most likely for the CORE at the top and you have a bumper haul of miniatures to pick up from the event.

It sounds like Gen Con is going to be very busy indeed and will most likely make a lot of people broke.

Are you going to indulge in you shiny syndrome?

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