Dark Age Leaves the Month of January Skarrd

January 28, 2014 by dracs

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Dark Age have released a three new models for the terrifying and twisted Skarrd faction this January, three new unique blends of psychopath ready to reap a bloody path through the world.

First we have the beautiful Blazon.


A relative new comer to the Skarrd hierarchy, Blazon is rapidly making a name for herself by bringing her powerful tactical knowledge to the battle, improving any force she happens to be fighting with.

Then we have the Worm Shepherd.

Worm Shepherd

Created by Grafters to have control over the dangerous Drillheads, the Worm Shepherd can make these terrible creatures far more effective than they already are.

Finally we come to, perhaps, the most twisted of the three releases. ANG-1E.


No, I don't know what's up with that boob either. Created by the Grafter Jon Woe from his fallen companion the Sister of Charity Angie, the ANG-1E construct now follows Woe wherever he goes, collecting new parts for her master to use in his experiments nad creations.

Altogether, a rather unsavory trio. Still, you cannot deny that the sculpts are excellent. The Worm Shepherd has to be my favorite, with just the right level of menacing mystique and just plain weird to his design.

Which of these stands out in particular to you?

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