Dark Age Reinforces Their Starter Warbands For May!

May 2, 2014 by brennon

Dark Age are bringing together a new revamped set of Starter Warbands for their game of apocalyptic danger and bloodshed. See what you think of the groups on offer!

Air-Caste Warband

Fire-Caste Warband

Ice-Caste WarbandFirst up we have each of the different Caste boxed sets that include some rather nifty looking creatures. I did think that I was going to be sold on the Fire-Caste but the Ice-Caste have some very cool characters in that box. I love those curved swords!

Brood Warband

Core Warband

Forsaken WarbandOf course there some more normal looking warbands out there and the Forsaken are at least human! I think this next clutch is won by the CORE though with their creepy machines.

Kukulkani Warband

Outcast Warband

Skarrd Warband

Last but not least we have the Skarrd, Outcast and Kukulkani all with their own original edge. That is one of the things you can say about Dark Age, they have gone in a very different direction with the post-apocalyptic thing.

The Kukulkani always seemed to me like they belonged in a big Hollywood horror/thriller movie chasing some explorers on a distant planet before they find out their links back to Earth and the Mayans. I'm sure that's going to happen at some point.

So, will you pick one of these up?

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