Dark Age Set Up A Mighty Fight Between Fire & Stone

November 11, 2013 by brennon

Dark Age are setting up a pretty deadly fight between a mighty Kukulkani construct and a creature of pure elemental force. See what you think of the Greater Fire Elemental and Kukulkani Cabrakan from their Facebook page!

Greater Fire Elemental

Kukulkani Cabrakan

You can't tell unless they are next to other models but these are some pretty massive pieces of kit. The Crabakan in particular is their biggest model to date and looks like an amazing piece to have in your collection.

Of both of them though I actually prefer the Greater Fire Elemental. I think the painting that has gone into it as really bought it to life and you can imagine that lava style skin swirling and changing across his body.

The models are both brilliant looking additions to the Dark Age line-up and it's becoming hard not to try and pick up their models!

Which do you prefer?

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