Dark Age Shows Off It’s Fancy Gen Con 2013 Miniatures!

August 12, 2013 by brennon

Dark Age is bringing a lot to the table with Gen Con 2013 just around the corner. Check out a mass of book previews and models below that will stoke the fires of shiny syndrome!

Dark Age - Core Rules

Dark Age - Conflagration

First off we have the new Core Rules for 2013 and alongside that comes the Conflagration rules. It's all looking very glossy and full of amazing artwork. Amazing artwork also leads to amazing miniatures...

Conflagration Miniatures

Core - Legionary

Dah'Vid The Artic Wind

Kukulkani Quetzol

The Outcasts

Skarrd Miniatures

Now those are some awesome previews and it will be awesome to see these all in the flesh when you're at the event. Are you a Dark Age fan and itching to get a hold of these?

Let me know!

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