The Dark Age Teasers Lock N’ Load And Bring Out The Scythe!

June 28, 2014 by brennon

The folks behind the Dark Age game have put together some more art teasers for their upcoming faction or sub-faction in the game over on Facebook. See what you think...

Hunter (Male)

Hunter (Female)

In a new trend two of the teaser images are for this pair of what I've deemed to be hunters of some sort. The trend at work is to do Male and Female versions of the sculpt so you can pick which ones you'd like to see on the tabletop. I think both are pretty cool but I will reserve judgement for the sculpts. Saying that - do you want a side of Death with your teaser sandwich?

Esh - The Divine Executioner

The quote with this particular chap was Esh The Divine Executioner so that's what I think we're going for when it comes to his name! I think this an exceptional piece of art work and it shows off a very different view of the Dark Age world than we've seen before. I actually hope that the upcoming miniature has the same pose as this piece of artwork as I think it's very commanding.

What do you think of these teasers?

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