Does Dark Age Trailer Tempt You to Play Something Dangerous?

January 25, 2015 by dracs

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Cool Mini or Not have come out with a hard rocking trailer on their YouTube channel for the apocalyptic game of Dark Age daring you to play something dangerous!

Dark Age Play Something Dangerous

The trailer features flashes of the game's art and miniatures, set to a heavy metal backing track. Throughout it, we are introduced to each of the different factions, giving new players an idea of the miniatures that are available in Dark Age.



While the trailer does give a good idea of the frantic style of Dark Age, I have to admit that this trailer just doesn't do it for me. The editing is so fast paced that you rarely get time to get a good look at anything we're being shown, and there is no real information provided about the background or gameplay other than the names of the different factions.

Still, it could work to attract people's attention and make them interested in looking up more information on the Dark Age game.

Does this trailer tempt you to try Dark Age?

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