Dark Age Turn The Spotlight On The Kukulkani

May 9, 2013 by brennon

The Kukulkani are the newest faction for the Dark Age game and we have already seen some amazing miniatures. Now they have produced a spotlight video which you can watch above that goes into more depth about this faction...

Kukulkani"Millennia ago the ancient Mayans of Terra where chosen by their god and master, the winged serpent Kukulkan, to be elevated above the lowly tribes of the world. Their master, in reality a member of the powerful and technologically advanced Coatl race, lifted his willing servants up and has, over millenia, shaped them into a race of bio-enhanced warriors and zealous priests, eager to gain his blessing by slaying all those who would oppose his will.

Now Kukulkan has set his sights on Samaria, following mysterious energy reading mimicking the Coatl's own entropic power sources only to find their holy technologies bastardized by the lifeless machines of the CORE. This blasphemous act, coupled with an ancient grudge against the Alteghrans, the forebears of the Dragyri, have unleashed the full might of the Kukulkani upon all of Samaria.

Woe to the enemies of Kukulkan, may all tremble and despair!"

I loved that this faction came out around the time when plenty of people thought the world was going to end due to the Mayan calender. It certainly gave them a neat edge and I still think they are some of the most impressive miniatures from the Dark Age line.

Check out the spotlight and consider picking some of them up soon!

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