Dark Age Unleashes the CORE and a Pair of Immortals

June 22, 2012 by brennon

Dark Age Games has some impressive looking models on the horizon. Let's have a look at an impressive addition to the CORE and also a pair of Immortals ready for the field of battle...

CORE Legionary

This CORE Legionary is not something to be messed with...

"This thing is one killer piece of machinery; literally. It exists solely to stalk, attack and kill its targets in the name of the CORE AI. You really can't get simpler or more pragmatic as that!"

But if you're looking for something with a bit more humanity then how about these Immortals?

Phadras & Maximo Concept Art

Phadras & Maximo WIP Sculpts

This pair have a bit of a special history behind them since its actually modeled on a sculptor (Marc Berlove) and his son's likeness! This pair look like they are straight of a charming post-apocalyptic video game, but I would warrant it doesn't take much to get them into a bloody fight.

So would you prefer to be hanging with the CORE or fighting along side Phadras & Maximo?

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