Dark Age’s Kukulkani Are Starting to Look a Little Green

January 24, 2013 by dracs

Are you excited over the up coming appearance of the Kukulkani in Dark Age? Well you should be, as these new greens demonstrate.

Dark Age Games - Kukulkani Warrior

Dark Age Games - Kukulkani War Chief

These sculpts are looking really detailed with a fairly nice design blending slightly disturbing high-tech cyborgism with the brutality of the meso-american culture the faction is based around. I personally cannot wait to see how these look in the flesh.

Yet these ancient aliens are not the only sneak peek of things to come. Take a look at these new 3D renders for upcoming CORE minis.

CORE - The Nexus

CORE - Tsuedo

So far the Nexus (top image) looks somewhat plain when compared to other CORE miniatures, but I suppose this could help to make it stand out as a leader mini.

The Tsuedo (bottom image) looks brilliant, certain to be a fantastic addition to the CORE army. So far it looks as if it will be a rather large scaled model, so it will be interesting to see what the actual sculpts are like.

How do you think the Kukulkani are shaping up?

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