May Ends With More Dark Age Mayans

May 26, 2013 by dracs

With the month of May drawing to a close some new miniatures are being released into the wild of Dark Age, specifically cool goodies for the Mayan styled Kukulkani.

Kukulkani Devoted Priest

Kukulkani Honor Guard

Kukulkani Supreme War Captain

Kukulkani Living Ancestor

These are some particularly cool additions to the Kukulkani faction. The characters like the War Captain are pretty standard but I especially like the designs of the Living Ancestor and Honor Guard. Even for a faction which looks so utterly alien these guys have unique look to them.

Of course in Dark Age the Kukulkani aren't the only things to be afraid of and the Skarrd Cult of Metamorphosis is getting a new addition in the form of Qietus.

Skarrd Quietus

This is one of the best hero sculpts in Dark Age, with a dramatic stance that is just ready for the fight.

Will any of these be turning up in the Dark Ages of your tabletop games?

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