Enjoy A Flaming Hot Release From Dark Age Games!

October 4, 2013 by brennon

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If you had been looking at the Fire Caste for Dark Age Games at Gen Con but hesitated on picking them up then now is the time as they have now been released! Check out their scheduled horde right here!




First up we have these awesome looking miniatures for both the CORE and the Kukulkani. I'm fairly sure the CORE are one of the most sought after factions for the game and from what I've been reading they sell out pretty fast. I love the look of the Legionary and Nexus. Quetzol is for the Kukulkani and while they are a nice looking force I'm not as enamored with them.

Inferno (Male)

Inferno (Female)

Pyre (Male)

Pyre (Female)

And then comes the fiery addition to the game via the Fire Caste of the Dragyri. I imagine that you could take an entirely female force if you really wanted to in this game, that could be kind of cool!

I'm quite a fan of these chaps but that might be because they have helmets that make them look like alien versions of the Uruk-Hai. A very nice theme across this force and some great releases too.

As well as that the rules for both Dark Age and Conflagration are also out!

Is Dark Age an up and coming army?

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