Face The Toxic Cult & Skarrd Creatures In Dark Age This Month

April 30, 2018 by brennon

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Dark Age welcomes new models for the Skarrd, Brood and Outcasts this month. So, let's get stuck in and see what weird and wonderful creations have come to life.

Skarrd Toxic Cult Faction Box - Dark Age

The first of the new sets for you to check out is for the Toxic Cult. The set comes with Father Curwen who you can see in the middle there, acting as a post-apocalyptic necromancer, and his foul creations that follow in his wake. If you like pestilence and plague then this range of augmented undead could be the choice for you.

Ever-Changing Rage

Adding a raging beast into the mix the Skarrd also get their Cult Of Metamorphosis Juggernaut.

Skarrd Cult Of Metamorphosis Juggernaut - Dark Age

As you might have already guessed, this creature is a dangerous foe to face in close combat. As well as those slicing blades and crushing fists it also comes with a harpoon launcher grafted onto its back allowing it to pull its enemies closer to their doom.

Bloody Fodder

You also have the Buzzblade Set for the Skarrd. Used as fodder on the battlefield these warriors are all blades and anger, a perfect specimen to let loose on the battlefield to see what havoc it can sow.

Skarrd Buzzblade Box - Dark Age

They are terrifying models I think you'll agree. Warped just enough to be unnerving and let still human they would certainly cause me to have a few nightmares if I was out in the wasteland.


The Brood are also getting some more muscle this week. Well, to be more specific its muscle chitin and bone. Here is the Numbskull for the Brood Swarm.

Brood Swarm Numbskull - Dark Age

Covered in armour plating, this beast can shrug off all but the most dangerous blows and even when it does get hurt it can snack on the bodies of smaller Brood in order to recover some of its stamina and health! It's neat to see the Numbskull here as the natural 'Juggernaut', a nice comparison to the one we saw above for the Skarrd.

Court In Session

Admittedly this court might actually solve all criminal cases with a breezeblock connecting with your head...but they are a court nonetheless. Here we have the Brute Reinforcement Box for the Outcasts and Court Of Freeton.

Court Of Freeton Brute Reinforcement Box - Dark Age

These hefty looking warrior men and women will use anything they can get their hands on when it comes to murderous mayhem. Whilst many use pieces of masonry and discarded scrap they are not to be trifled with. You can still die when the enemy has a piece of rebar in hand and you have some sophisticated energy weapon.

What do you think of the releases this week?

"Admittedly this court might actually solve all criminal cases with a breezeblock connecting with your head..."

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