New Dark Age Faction Starter Boxes Coming Soon!

October 8, 2016 by brennon

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Dark Age will be welcoming some new Starter Boxes for a few of their factions soon. Let's take a look at some of them they've already previewed...


We'll start things off with the Kukulkani who are one of our favourite factions from the world of Dark Age. The mix of the Aztec and Mayan influence with Sci-Fi makes for some amazing models.

Inside this set you're going to get 1x Supreme War Captain, 3x Kukulkani Warriors, 2x Harvesters, 1x Honor Guard, and 1x Ah’Chu’Kuk.

Following on from them we look to the Forsaken who have also got quite the boost over the last couple of months.


In here you get 1x Warwind, 1x Deacon, 1x Coil Diskmaster, 1x Field Medic, 3x Banes, and 1x Bane Leader. It's neat to see more of the human models for Dark Age come back to the fore with a new look which shows off lots more detail and an evolution of their sculpting skill and know-how.

Thirdly we're moving to the Outcast Scavengers who start to look a bit more Pulpy and Punky!


Here you're going to get yourself 1x Warchief, 1x Fixer, 1x Manhunter, 3x Wasteland Warriors, and 1x Blades. One of the things that the Scavengers have is plenty of motion and movement giving them a dynamic look on the tabletop.

Finally, we come to the Dragyri and their Shadow Caste which we took a look at during Gen Con. An amazing new section of this already rich faction.

Dragyri (Shadow Caste)

Inside here you're going to be getting all new models which is very exciting including 1x Death’s Device of Shadow, 1x Keeper, 1x Raaf, 1x Vespa, and 3x Lesser Spiderlings.

The outlook for those of you wondering when these will hit is that you should see them on the webstore around October 14th. So, not long to wait for this bunch of Samarians!

Which set would you choose?

"The mix of the Aztec and Mayan influence with Sci-Fi makes for some amazing models..."

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