The Fire Caste Are Abroad In The World Of Dark Age

July 17, 2013 by brennon

Dark Age Games are showing off more from their upcoming update to the game. This time it's the absolutely superb looking Fire Caste for the Dragyri...

Spirit Lord of the Fire Caste

Volcanic Phalanx

Volcanic Helot

These superb looking pieces of art are making it hard to stop the shiny syndrome. They are absolutely amazing and I love the Spirit Lord. This Volcanic Order collective is going to look amazing when it's been turned into a range of miniatures and I'd be picking it up just to have it on the shelf even if I didn't play the game.

Volcanic Phalanx Stat Card

You can even check out the statistics card for the Phalanx model here. The other half of it is on the link above and will allow you to check out some of the awesome images they have floating about.

Not much else to say! It's brilliant art!

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