Fire Up The Releases For A Dark Age November

November 22, 2013 by brennon

Dark Age have posted their new Releases for November and they are some absolute stunners. Let's start things off with the awesome looking Volcanic Helots that come in both a Male and Female variant.

Volcanic Helot (Male)

Volcanic Helot (Female)These are some brilliant looking miniatures and really do show off one end of a very diverse spectrum with Dark Age. These guys have managed to create factions that have so much going for them and are genuinely original looking. Admittedly in this case they do have a bit of the Predator vibe about them but that's no bad thing right now!



Next up we have a pair of rather epic looking constructs of varying standards of design. That Centurion is fairly cool but it's all about TB-13 and this forgotten android look they have going on. Thanks to Almost Human I have androids on the brain now so this was always going to catch my eye.


To round things off we have a mighty Cabrakan that is wading into the fray and swinging those rather massive blades around like a whirling dervish. I'm personally not a fan of this kind of model but I do appreciate the Aztec design and the effort that has gone into it. The brilliant painting work on it does lift this to a whole new level too.

What will you pick up?

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