The Icy Dah’Vid Comes To The World Of Dark Age

July 28, 2013 by brennon

Dark Age have been impressing us with their artwork for the past month or so and now they are doing it again. Check out the artwork for an Ice Caste Warwind below and then head over to their site for a massive story about him...


Here is a snippet...

"The Warwind Shad-rak never emerged from that prison. The Dragyri tore away from him everything that he had been aside from his martial prowess, melting it down in the bowels of an Ice Caste prison. With clinical, systematic, meticulous precision, he was broken down and rebuilt into a weapon for the Dragyri. What was finally unleashed is Dah'vid, the Arctic Wind, and it has already ripped, howling through the small settlement town of Kerat."

Sounds awesome and I think that they will be an awesome addition to the world of Dark Age.

Do you think he is going to translate well into model form?

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