The Kukulkani Have Arrived In The World Of Dark Age

March 4, 2013 by brennon

Dark Age Games have released their fantastic looking Kukulkani faction for their brutal world. Check out the miniatures that make up the starter kit...

Kukulkani Warpriest

Kukulkani Warriors

Honored Dead

"Millennia ago the ancient Mayans of Terra where chosen by their god and master, the winged serpent Kukulkan, to be elevated above the lowly tribes of the world. Their master, in reality a member of the powerful and technologically advanced Coatl race, lifted his willing servants up and has, over millenia, shaped them into a race of bio-enhanced warriors and zealous priests, eager to gain his blessing by slaying all those who would oppose his will."

These are some creepy individuals and something a bit different from what we're used to in the world of Dark Age. I like the originality and it should be fun to see what people do with them when painting.

Will you be starting a new faction in Dark Age?

Let us know below!

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