The Kukulkani Come To Life In The World Of Dark Age

January 4, 2013 by brennon

If you wanted to see how the Kukulkani are turning out for Dark Age then we have some awesome looking miniature previews for you below. There is even a painted miniature there too!

Honour Guard

Now that is one fantastic looking model. I love the paint scheme and the Aztec/Mayan style. I'm pretty sure with the recent worry about the end of the world this lot will be top of most peoples list.

Devoted Priest

Honoured Dead

Living Ancestor

As you can see they are all following a really awesome style and the modelling it utterly amazing once again. I like the head dresses and the psuedo-technology style that we have going on here.

I like the idea of this faction, they certainly have worked out well.

Are this lot your new favourites?

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