The Machines of the CORE Enter Dark Age

March 28, 2012 by dracs

Some changes have been made to the Dark Age site with the addition of the CORE faction page for the upcoming new faction.

Dark Age - Core Banner

Pretty soon we will be able to cause some mechanical mayhem. We've already had a quick peak at some of the minis for this new faction, but now we can see some of Dark Age's great concept art.

Dark Age - Core Menial Bot

Dark Age - Core Pathfinder

Dark Age - Core Rend

Even more excitingly we finally have a bit of background info to tell exactly what the CORE are.

"Abandoned for centuries, these industrial machines have achieved sentience in the darkness and are now venturing onto the wastelands. Enigmatic, adaptive, and sometimes malevolent, what can only be described as a new species is tentatively stretching its wings. Pathfinders, Menial Bots and the Rend have emerged to study the other remnants of Samaria; a curiosity often fatal for the subjects!" - Dark Age Games

The addition of the CORE really brings home just how dangerous the world of Dark Age really is, and provides a nice thematic counterbalance to the Brood faction.

Who thinks the might start collecting this faction? What sort of things do you expect to see in it?

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