Dark Age March Releases Hit With The Mighty Goliath

March 27, 2017 by brennon

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The new releases for March have popped up online for Dark Age and they include some absolutely amazing looking miniatures including this monstrous Goliath...


"An enraged Goliath is a fearsome sight. Their spikes become engorged with bloody ichor, protruding even further from their extremities, and squirting out a burning liquid in all directions. If this liquid gets in the eyes it causes agonising blindness.

Many foes have accidentally impaled themselves on the Goliath’s spikes, but their claws are far deadlier!"

Now that sounds like a dangerous foe to face on the tabletop. I really like the design which takes things in a different direction for the Shadow Caste. We've seen such a lithe and agile look to them up until now and this twists things around to give them a brutish battering ram in gameplay.

Wail On Your Foes

Following on from the Goliath we have some more Dragyri but this time for the Air Caste. See what you think of Wail...


These warriors are used for their ability to debuff your enemies on the tabletop. Both their chain whips that you see them using here and their psychogenic abilities can strip away action points from your foes denying them the ability to effectively fight.

Fanatical Junkers

Moving over to the Forsaken we have the resculpts for the Junkers who fight for Saint Mark.

Junkers Resculpts

These women are best used on the front line, ready to smash aside their enemies with those deadly clubs. They also have the Berserk ability and can use this to great effect as they hack through lowly infantry. It's best to pit them against the mooks so that you can get the most out of their killing prowess.

Path To Glory

Additionally, the new Path To Glory Two Player Starter Set has also been released allowing you to get stuck into the game as either the Dragyri or Forsaken with some nice new plastic sculpts and all the other gubbins you need.

Path To Glory Box

You can find out more about how the game plays by checking out the Battle Report posted at the top of this article. Bryan and Dave from the team battle it out and show off how much fun you can have in their brutal Sci-Fi world.

What do you think of the new releases this month?

"...his twists things around to give them a brutish battering ram in gameplay"

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