The November Releases Stalk Forth For Dark Age

November 23, 2016 by brennon

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We mentioned towards the end of last week that Dark Age was going to be showing off all manner of awesome releases for November. Well, now they are here and we're going to take a closer look...

Umbra Shadow Elemental

Leading the way we have the evil looking Umbra Shadow Elemental which looks as if it is about to loom over you and steal your soul. It seems apt that this creature is summoned from the very depths of terror itself.

Hulking Horrors

Supporting that we have Death's Device Of Shadow, another massive creature for the Shadow Caste and the Dragyri.

Death's Device Of Shadow

This is a hulking mass of muscle and anger that acts as a great support for the other aspects of the Shadow Caste. Heavily armoured and with a brutal attack of its own it will be able to crush those who threaten its masters.

Talking of massive creatures we also have the Greater Ice Elemental which just looks utterly stunning. You'd need to be rather good with a brush to get the ice looking just right though.

Greater Ice Elemental

It's nice to see that the Ice Elemental for the Ice Caste isn't just another big hulking mound of stones and instead looks like something a lot more agile. The crystal body is just begging for a good paint job.

Lithe Creatures

Back with the smaller folk in the Dragyri line up we're then looking at the Air Caste and their elite Cyclones and silent Whispers.

Cyclone & Whisper

These almost willowy warrior women are deadly and professional, striking from where you least expect them to deal crippling blows to the enemy. Their entire cadre is made up of females and no male has ever met the standards needed to be one of their order.

Enslaved by the Dragyri more warriors come their way in the form of the Dragyri Sling Slaves.

Sling Slaves

These creatures sling shards of sharp crystal at their enemies, an unhonourable and despicable way to behave on the battlefield. Still, the Dragyri use these expendable resources to suit their aims. The models really are wonderful looking and I love the design of their alien bodies with the bird-like legs.

What do you think of this months haul?

"It seems apt that this creature is summoned from the very depths of terror itself..."

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