Prepare for Dark Age Devestation

August 31, 2012 by dracs

It's finally here, the latest expansion for Dark Age takes the post-apocalyptic styled game of bloody and twisted skirmish battles to a whole new level!

Dark Age Devestation

Just when you thought the world of Dark Age couldn't get any more sick and twisted this book comes along with two new groups of bizarre homicidal maniacs.

First up are a new tribal faction of the Skarrd, the Cult of Metamorphosis. These guys are formed from the transformed cabal of the Heretic Saint Johann, and being Skarrd you can sure they are going to be sadistic.

The big fuss is of course the whole new faction which is coming in this book. The C.O.R.E. These guys are a group of homicidal robots which have been laying dormant, only to rise and wreak bloody havoc across the world of Dark Age.

Will any of you Dark Age fans be picking this book up?

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