Prepare to Be Harvested by Dark Age’s Kukulkani

June 26, 2013 by dracs

Dark Age Games are gearing up to release some new models for their latest faction, the Meso-American themed Kukulkani. This time they are far more human-like in appearance, but as the name Harvester would suggest they are no less dangerous.

Harvester Male

Harvester Female

As you can see these two are very human in general appearance, but there is still something not right about them. Pretty much as one would expect from a world like that of Dark Age. And with a name like the Harvesters, they can't help but be a menacing addition to the faction.

They aren't being released alone though. Accompanying the Harvesters come two ladies toting massive guns. The Balam.

Balam 1

Balam 2

These two miniatures have been sculpted with some great stances which create a sense of cinematic motion. I particularly like that the massive guns, most unusually for sci-fi weaponry, do actually appear to be heavy, although not so heavy that the Balam can't swing them around to bring death to whoever gets in their way.

Kukulkani Latest Releases

Is there anything you particularly like or dislike about these sculpts?

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