New Skarrd Abomination Enters Dark Age

August 30, 2012 by dracs

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When it comes to twisted creations the world of Dark Age definitely takes the cake. Once again they have trotted out another brilliantly horrifying creation, this time for the Skarrd faction.

Check out the mechanical monstrosity of the Skarrd Abomination.

Dark Age - Abomination

This thing looks like a way more impressive and way more sadistic version of a 40K dreadnought, powered by the tortured individual integrated at the centre of the machine. This is the perfect walker for Dark Age, incorporating the twisted mind set of the game with a brilliantly cobbled  together appearance.

Of course this isn't the only thing the Skarrd will be getting. Accompanying it to battle will be the new Skarrd Bolas.

Dark Age - Bolas

These guys are quite well sculpted, each of them looking like they're about to fling their bolas into someone's face.

But fear not, the Skarrd are not the only ones to be getting some new goodies. Both the Bounty Hunters and the Dragyri have reason to celebrate.

For the Bounty Hunters, the sculpts of Phadras and Maximo, based upon last year's tournament winners, are now available.

Dark Age - Padros and Maximo

For the Dragyri, the Spirit Lord of the Air Caste is joining the fray, ready to sweep aside the enemy with the winds of change.

Dark Age - Dragyri Spirit Lord of the Aircaste

Top these all off with the release of a series of new Dark Age bases.

Dark Age - Boiling Blood Base Inserts

These boiling blood base inserts are probably best suited for factions of the Brood, adding an extra element of twisted to the already disturbing minis.

What are your thoughts on these latest releases? Are there any that particularly grab your attention?

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