Slavers & Outcasts Find Their Way Into Dark Age This July

July 4, 2014 by brennon

Dark Age has been teasing artwork for the last two weeks or so but they also have some new miniatures for the Outcasts and Slavers of their world for the beginning of July. See what you think of these rather nasty individuals...

Bonner Spyte

Brute Anchor

Chain Gangers

Finn Deadeye

Oz - The Pit ChampionCertainly feeling a bit of a Mad Max twined with the video game Borderlands from these guys and that's no bad thing at all! I think the miniatures have gone up considerably in quality from Dark Age since they started on the Kukulkani a year or so ago now and everything above looks pretty amazing.

My favourites from the set are probably Oz The Pit Champion and Bonner Spyte for no other reason than Oz looks like he'd crush the life out of you with that hammer and Spyte has an awesome nefarious quality to his character.

Will folks be picking these up?

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