Strap On Your Gun & Join The Latest Releases From Dark Age

May 22, 2014 by brennon

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Dark Age have some more awesome looking releases for you this month and this time around they're looking decidedly more human with Aja & Devon, the Deacon and Dah'vid the Arctic Wind. See what you think!

Aja & Devon


Dragyri Dah'vid the Arctic Wind

These are a very cool selection of miniatures coming in the wake of their revamped starter sets which we talked about last time. The quality of the sculpts is insane and I think I have a firm favourite in that Forsaken Deacon in the middle there.

That being said I'm not knocking Aja and Devon or Dah'vid who are both looking awesome. I like that Dah'vid has a staff that could be used to summon some strange energy AND smash in someones face if needs be.

Will you grab these humans?

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