The Toxic Abomination Stomps into Dark Age

September 11, 2012 by dracs

In the world of Dark Age bigger can definitely mean better as we see from the new variant of the Skarrd Abomination which will be joining the ranks of the sinister Toxic Cult. The Toxic Abomination!

Dark Age - Toxic Abomination

This twisted creation of Father Curwen is a real menace on the battlefield, sporting twin toxic sprayers, a burst gun and a deadly assault fist, not to mention the poisonous miasma which will surround the hulking mass of disease and metal.

As you can see from the above preview, the Toxic Abomination looks to be a bit bulkier than its standard Skarrd counterpart.

Dark Age - Abomination

The sculpt is quite possibly one of my favourites of the Dark Age range, with its ramshackle mechanical nature combined with the sinister, yet sophisticated appearance of its toxic weaponry. This thing pretty much embodies what the Skarrd Toxic Cult is all about.

What do you guys think of this latest Dark Age behemoth? How many times do you think I had to go back and correct myself due to calling it the Toxic Avenger?

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