More Twisted Brood Are Heading for Dark Age

June 8, 2012 by dracs

Some new concept art for Dark Age has gone up promising us some new twisted creations for the Brood.

First there is the Bloat.

Dark Age - Bloat

"Cause for fear and panic amongst the wastelanders, Bloats are the Brood Mere’s latest attempts at psychological warfare. Biologically filling protruding bladder-sacs with a hydrogen/methane mix that is only a few molecular weights lighter than Samaria’s normal atmosphere, a Bloat drifts along on natural air currents like a massive, leathery airborne jellyfish. Steering using microjets of pressurized gases, they seek out living targets to engage and hopefully inflict terrifying and painful wounds upon them. Maiming far more often than killing their targets, Bloats sow fear and panic wherever they go."

Along with this floating menace we have the scary, scuttling Pod.

Dark Age - Pod

"Like mobile wombs for the Brood Mere’s Puds, the Pod is a genetic extension of the Broodspawn life cycle given legs, claws and rapidly-knitting flesh. Brood Pods are hulking insectoid creations in whose abdomens brew a potent genetic stew; in that stew swim dozens of immature Puds waiting to be born. Vomiting forth any Puds that grow to adulthood within them to create swarms of savage creatures, the Pods keep their spawn as small and hungry as possible in order to be used in the most foul of reproductive cycles – the infestation of living beings."

Basically it sticks that tube into your mouth and vomits an immature Pud into you! Ahhhh!

Does anyone think these two disturbing bio-weapons will be joining their warband?

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