We Get A Dark Age Update On The Brood In 2017

October 5, 2017 by brennon

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The folks working on Dark Age give us an update on the situation with The Brood going forward throughout the rest of 2017 in their latest update. To begin with, this month heralds the return of The Brood in force with their Faction Starter Box.

Brood Faction Starter

This box comes with all manner of resculpts and more thrown into the mix allowing you to grow an interesting new faction of weird and misshapen creatures on the battlefield. Mix this in with some previews of upcoming renders for the Gazelle...

Brood #1

...and this strange creature which popped up on Facebook and you've got some very cool models on the way for The Brood that opens up a myriad of different painting opportunities for you as well as what they offer in terms of gameplay.

Brood #2

When it comes to surprise renders we also got at this fellow here too! I'd say that Marius here shows that centaurs and zombies don't have to be mutually exclusive right?

Marius Zombie

We've seen the sculpting for the world of Dark Age expand and grow into a fantastic range over the past year or so and it looks like it's going to be going from strength to strength with all manner of quirky ideas on their drawing board.

Dragyri In Winter

As the days grow shorter, the icy winds pick up and that's where the Dragyri Ice Caste come in with their new Frostbite Unit Box as well in November.

Dragyri Ice Caste

The Dragyri have some great looking units, all tied around different elements, and so it's good to see them continuing to build on the range with some cool models like these.

What is exciting you about Dark Age this year?

"...opens up a myriad of different painting opportunities for you as well as what they offer in terms of gameplay"

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