Warknights & Robots Gather For Dark Age This November!

November 12, 2014 by brennon

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Dark Age continue to release some stunning looking miniatures for their world of post apocalyptic destruction. See what you think of their Warknights, CORE Robots and preachers!

Warknight Captain


Warknight Bondsman

The first set that we're looking at here are the awesome Warknights that I think are probably some of the best miniatures they've done! I think the Captain is awesome and I love both the skull-shaped face and his Roman-esque headdress. Some stunning work.

Voice of the Prevailers

Calling on those words of power however is also the Voice of the Prevailers who has removed her large hat to spread the word on the battlefield. I can imagine despite her outward appearance she's actually quite dangerous with that Egyptian-style axe.



Last but not least we have some more additions for the CORE in the Tallman and Ghost. I really like the almost alien design to the CORE taking them beyond that human looking appearance we're so used to with robots and androids. I think it's the way they have those almost insect or birdlike legs combined with a standard human-like skeleton. It works for me and you could have a lot of fun with object source lighting here!

What do you think?

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