Creepy New Tomb Bases From Dark Art Miniatures

November 17, 2014 by stvitusdancern

Dark Arts3

Tis the season for new bases (or so it seems)!

Dark Arts bases1

Dark Art Miniatures is proudly showing off their new themed, Tomb Bases and they look pretty awesome! The detail is very good and captures all the creepy goodness a tomb may offer. They show off beautifully detailed stonework separating the living from the dead as you can clearly see the skeletal remains underneath the stone tiles of the Tombs.  I also like that you could use these pieces as terrain accents to capture these types of details in your game- you may not have the right kind of mini to place on one of these bases, but these could do just what you need to accent your dungeon with an occasional tomb or two.

Dark Arts2

What do you think of these new Tomb Bases?

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