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Head Down Into The Devil’s Dungeon With Dark Art Scenery


Dark Art Studios has been playing around with some more scenery for you to drop into your dungeons.

The Devil’s Dungeon Comes To Life From Dark Art Studios


Dark Art Studios are going to be heading to Kickstarter soon to bring their Devil’s Dungeon miniatures to life. If you’re looking for demons and all manner of evil creations this might appeal to you.

Dark Art Studios Set The Mood With Dungeon Sounds!


See what Dark Art Studios have in store for you when you go dungeon delving as they show off their ambient music collection that will give some neat atmosphere to your adventures.

Dark-Art Release The Gore Master A New Halloween Horror


Dart-Art Studios have come out with a special miniature exclusive for Halloween. Meet Krell the Gore Master and I swear I have seen that face somewhere before.

Tis a Dark Knight at Dark Art Studios


Dark Art Studios have published a preview of their current WIP, the Dark Knight and his overcompensation sword.

Dark Art Studios Find Kong Deep In The Jungle


See what you think of the jungles mighty lord, a massive Gorilla from Dark Art Studios.

Dark Art Studios Must Find A Name For Their Demon


What name will you come up with for the new Demon from Dark Art Studios?

Dark-Art Studios Finalise Their Cloven Hoofed Beasts


Check out these monsters from Dark-Art Studios that have had a bit of a tweak. What do you think of the kits now?

Dark-Art-Studios Finds A Minotaur In The Labyrinth


Check out the newest work-in-progress piece from Dark-Art-Studios. Is this up your street or something you wouldn’t touch with a barge pole?