Dark Art Studios Find Kong Deep In The Jungle

November 6, 2013 by brennon

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Dark Art Studios have another large creature in the works and it's going to be out pretty soon. This time they have headed off into the jungle and found Kong, well, a mini-Kong anyway. See what you think of their Jungle Gorilla.

Jungle Gorilla

Jungle Gorilla Components

My first thought when I saw him what that he would work very, very well as some kind of pulp gaming enemy for your noble adventurers diving into the jungle of the dark continent. You could even try sculpting a different head onto him and making him into an Ettin!

I quite like the sculpt and although it's just a gorilla it looks like it would be pretty fun to paint. The way the fur has been done means it would be very easy to drybrush well and you could get a nice depth when working with it.

Will this Gorilla be in your jungle?

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