Dark-Art Release The Gore Master A New Halloween Horror

October 30, 2014 by dracs

Dart-Art Studios have come out with a special miniature exclusive for Halloween. Meet Krell the Gore Master and I swear I have seen that face somewhere before.


Krell Back

Krell Unpainted

Wow, looks as though Pyramid Head's put on a few pounds. He must be missing the days when he hadn't sold out across the entire franchise.

Dark-Art Studios may have based this model on Pyramid Head, but the increased size and obvious scarring makes him look even more brutal, if slightly less creepy. Still, while it is a limited edition miniature, Krell here would still make a superb villain to stumble across in a horror themed DnD game, or even as an Ogre Butcher in Warhammer Fantasy.

Do you plan to celebrate Halloween by picking Krell up from Dark-Art Studios?

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