Head Down Into The Devil’s Dungeon With Dark Art Scenery

August 23, 2017 by brennon

Dark Art Studios has been playing around with some more scenery for you to drop into your dungeons. Leading the way we have a set of Doors which could be simple portals or indeed something more sinister.

Demon Door

Firstly, we have the Demon Door which I reckon would pose a riddle for the unsuspecting heroes as they made their way through a dungeon. That cheeky fellow on the door would no doubt annoy any dumb barbarian.

The simple Dungeon Door is also worth checking out for a bit more bling.

Dungeon Door

While quite simple I think that the design has a nice edge to it. I like the vines creeping around the outside of the door and the cracked bottom. You could place this down and an intuitive party might be able to take a peek under it.

Boss Room Loot

In addition to the doors we also have this awesome looking Demon Throne that you just know houses some long dead champion of evil. With the skeleton seated on it you could even apply a bit of a curse if one of them were to take a pew.

Demon Throne

After any good adventure you also need some treasure chests and that's where another set of terrain comes in, the Demon Chest.

Demon Chest

Now that truly is a wondrous treasure. Maybe you could have this be a speaking chest that needs another riddle in order to burst it open. Either that or it could just be a properly deadly trap.

All of this can be added to the rather old school looking Dungeon Map that they have also shown off. If you're a HeroQuest fan this might bring back memories.

Dungeon Delving Mat

Now all you need are some daring adventurers and a few of these door sets and you'll be ready for a delve.

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"That cheeky fellow on the door would no doubt annoy any dumb barbarian..."

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