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Beasts & The Shambling Undead Head To Battle For Darklands


It’s that time again to check out what Mierce Miniatures has been working on. The world of Darklands welcomes new beasts and warriors ready to bolster your forces on the battlefield.

Fee Fi Fo Fum! Giants & More Come To Mierce’s Darklands


Some monstrous giants and more are coming to the tabletop for Darklands this month thanks to Mierce Miniatures. There’s little reason to hang around here so let’s get stuck in and check out what’s on offer…

Mierce Add Monstrous New Additions To The World Of Darklands


Mierce Miniatures have a whole host of fantastic releases for you this month with some more massive beasts and plenty of characters too.

Mierce Miniatures Summon Up Deadly Crocodile Warriors & Stone Behemoths


Mierce Miniatures have added a whole bunch of fantastic looking characters for their world of Darklands for you to enjoy.

Onumo Rings A Mighty Bell For Mierce’s Darklands


Mierce Miniatures have been steadily adding to their Darklands collection. One such update game through the Savage Hordes II campaign where they showed off the mighty Onumo, Hippoxus of Axume…

Weekender XLBS: Fixing Your eBay Armies & Rules Changes – How Often Should They Happen?


Welcome Backstage as we
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The Weekender XLBS.
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More Monsters & Warriors Come To Mierce’s Darklands This Week


Mierce Miniatures are back with a massive bundle of new releases for Darklands. If you’re looking to spy out some brutally dangerous looking monster and a few hardy warriors then you might be in luck. See what you think of the miniatures on offer this month…

The Savage Hordes Hit Kickstarter For Mierce’s Darklands


Mierce Miniatures have now taken to Kickstarter once again to fund the latest of their books, Savage Hordes, as well as more models of course. The Savage Hordes book includes background, rules and the ways in which you can muster factions to do battle in Darklands…

Mierce Miniatures Are Bringing Siege Weapons To Darklands


If you thought that the massive monsters of Mierce Miniatures’ Darklands weren’t mighty enough then look ahead to Savage Hordes on Kickstarter which brings siege weapons onto the battlefield…

Mierce Unleash More Monsters & Heroes On Darklands This Month


Come and find out about some more fantastic models from the Mierce Miniatures team for their Darklands tabletop game. If you can pronounce the name of one of these characters at the end you deserve a prize!

Mierce Miniatures Have Conjured Some Killer Undead Skeletons


The undead have never looked better! Mierce Miniatures have pulled out all the stops with their new undead minis. These skeletons are full of details that really bring the minis to life- err, unlife.

Mierce Miniature’s Mighty Krekkek Is Nearly Finished


Mierce Miniatures has nearly completed their fantastic, scaly beast, Krekkek. His pointy presence will surely command attention!

Mierce Miniatures Preview Two Creative New WIPs


Mierce Miniatures has been sculpting up a storm! They have offered a peek at two, very interesting, WIP’s- a goblin riding a pig, and a BIG, crawling lizard/dragon. If you’re looking for some unique characters, these two may be just the ticket!

A New Horde Of Heroes & Monsters Come To Darklands


Mierce Miniatures have plenty more models on the way for Darklands. Some huge monsters and heroic individuals are back once again and they have nicely catered to my love of Werewolves which is always a big plus to me…

Mierce Miniatures Take Darklands Into The Metal Age


Mierce Miniatures are taking their world of Darklands into a new realm, the realm of metal. No, I don’t mean the music – I mean the material! This new Kickstarter Campaign is their effort to turn a bunch of their miniatures into metal saving you a lot of money when compared to their existing resin range.

Fantastical Beasts & Legendary Heroes From Mierce Miniatures


Mierce Miniatures have released a whole bunch of awesome new characters and monsters for Darklands. See what you think of them where most of the factions are catered too with some epic models…

New Creatures On The Way From Mierce Miniatures


Mierce Miniatures has some stunning new minis heading this way. The sculpts, both man and beast, capture a tremendous amount of detail and should look amazing when finished.

Bears, Demons, Snakes & More From Mierce This Month


Darklands is expanding with even more massive monsters, huge heroes and more. If that’s not caught your attention then how about a bear man?

Bane Beasts Are Back On Kickstarter


Care to bring some fantastic new creatures into your games? The Bane Beasts: Mighty Monsters Part Deux Kickstarter by Mierce Miniatures has just the right things, starting with a stunning, fantasy phoenix and a mytical chimera.

Giants & More Mighty Monsters From Mierce Miniatures


Mighty monsters and heroic warriors are all part of the mix coming out of Mierce Miniatures at the beginning of April. Check out Gomagg inside!

Mighty Beasts & More Carry Mierce Through February Into March


See how Mierce Miniatures are powering through February with their latest crop of releases that feature some very awesome looking sculpts worth taking a look at!