Dark Souls Production In Full Swing From Steamforged Games

January 9, 2017 by brennon

It seems like the Dark Souls Board Game project from Steamforged Games was a massive hit and production for it is mounting up as the models are gathered together for the mountain of sets needed to send out to backers.

Dark Souls

You can tell just how much work is going into this thanks to their latest Kickstarter Update which showed off a whole bunch of Ornsteins...


...and Smoughs gathering in the factory. Now that is a LOT of models, wow.


I'm wishing that I'd jumped in on this one myself now as the game really did seem intriguing. The models are hopefully going to be absolutely amazing too as Steamforged are pushing the boat out when it comes to sculpting quality these days.

Did you back this campaign?

"Now that is a LOT of models..."

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