Steamforged Praise The Sun For Dark Souls Wave Two Previews

July 9, 2017 by dracs

Over on the Kickstarter page, Steamforged have begun showing off previews for wave 2 of the Dark Souls board game. Prepare to die a lot! The first things to appear are these pieces from the Mega Boss Expansion.

Mega Boss Expansion

Each of these is a suitably gribbly monster, which will almost certainly leave you a smear on the tabletop more than once.

Unfortunately, I haven't got past Dark Souls 1 yet (those games are hard!), so I don't recognise these monsters, but that one with the ribcage / jaw is one I can't wait to see as a finished model. With all these monsters, it's easy to give up in despair. Don't worry though as you won't have to face them alone. Solaire is here!

Tooling of Solaire

Solaire, and his signature display of devotion, has become iconic of Dark Souls. I'm really glad to see him appearing here.

Which monster do you most dread to face in Dark Souls?

"[The monsters] will almost certainly leave you a smear on the tabletop..."

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