Ares Mythologic Reveal Dark Storm Steampunk Heroines

December 9, 2013 by brennon

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Ares Mythologic have just released four models for a range of 35mm heroes in their world of Dark Storm. We seem to be starting things off with two Steampunk Hunters and two deadly Vampires!

Cloe Punk

Liza Punk

First up we have Cloe and Liza for the Steampunk side of things. I think the artwork is pretty cool and the models appear to have turned out nicely too. Admittedly it's what we've been seeing in the past when it comes to female hunters but it does have an air of Malifaux about its design which is nice.

Sibila Vampire

Illa Vamp

On the flip side of that we have Sibila and Illa for the Vampires. These two appear to be renders right now but I assume you'll still be able to pick them up! Sibila is certainly the better of the two here and once again it's very much within the vein of Malifaux when it comes to design, which is no bad thing at all.

I think these could turn out to be a very nice looking Steampunk range.

What do you think?

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