Adventurous Animals & Winged Women From Dark Sword

April 25, 2013 by brennon

As April draws to a close Dark Sword Miniatures have a selection of new miniatures for you to pick up as we head into May. Check out the models below that include more adventuring animals and some rather flighty women...

Death Knight

Female Amazon

Female Mage on Stairs

Female Rogue With Bow

Thief of Hearts

Of these new fantasy models I would say that my favourite miniatures are the Female Rogue with Bow and the Mage sitting on the stairs. That's not to say the Thief of Hearts (bottom image) isn't fantastic but it would be pretty crazy to paint!

Turtle Mage

Mouse Ranger

Mouse Fighter

On the animal end of things we have a pair of Mice with both the Fighter and the Ranger and then a Turtle Mage to round things off. I love the Mouse Fighter and the Turtle Mage is very fun.

The Dark Sword animal range is always fun to look at and if they ever get round to making a Redwall miniatures game they would be perfect.

What's your favourite from the new collection?

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