Dark Sword Hit Kickstarter To Create An Iconic Dragon Diorama

June 26, 2013 by brennon

Dark Sword Miniatures have taken their Elmore love to Kickstarter and have already received funding for a mighty Dragon Diorama based on one of the artists iconic works...

Elmore Dragon Art

First up we have the piece of Larry Elmore art that has inspired the miniature you can see below. It contains the well loved Red Dragon facing off against a pair of adventurers.

Elmore Dragon #1

Elmore Dragon Close-Up

Elmore Dragon #2

As you can see the Dragon is looking superb and well sculpted to tie it back into the original artwork. Dark Sword Miniatures have been stalwart producers of quality miniatures for a few years now and this looks to be no exception.

The Dragon itself is going to be cast in high quality resin while the two heroes will be available in pewter.

Male Hero

My one complaint would be that the hero on his horse looks a little small but that might just be me. When I compare it to the artwork above he looks a lot larger sitting up in the saddle.

Overall though we have a neat little fundraiser to raise some money for an exquisite model. They haven't put the target too high and because of that they have found funding easily. I'm liking these smaller Kickstarters looking for money to produce one or two miniatures, much like the Bombshell one.

What do you think of this Elmore diorama?

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