More Dark Sword Miniatures Masterpieces For June

May 28, 2013 by brennon

Dark Sword Miniatures have a whole bunch of new releases for the end of May and beginning of June. Check out the six new models below ranging from the Song of Ice & Fire series to general fantasy heroes...

Old Nan

Queen of Thorns

First up are the two model from the G.R.R Martin collection. Old Nan and the Queen of Thorns might look like doddery old women but they have a lot more power than you'd imagine in the world of Westeros.

Young Male Mage

Female Rogue

Male Knight of the Roses

Next up we have some general fantasy heroes for your tabletop role-playing. Of the three here I am very much behind the Male Mage and the Female Rogue but the Knight of Roses is a little too old fashioned for me in terms of his look.

The Female Rogue though is fantastic looking and pretty practical by fantasy standards. The Male Mage might also find a spot in my collection as I have been looking for a model for D&D Next.

Thief of Hearts

Last but not least is the Thief of Hearts shown here on an amazing diorama. She really is a great looking winged warrior woman and the paint work that has gone into the cloak is superb.

I love the wings too. It always seems like wings get badly done, and even with me not being an expert on these things, I reckon those are very well done.

Female Mage on Stairs

Will you be grabbing one of these models?

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