Dark Sword Miniatures Show Off Their Gen Con Releases!

August 13, 2014 by brennon

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Dark Sword Miniatures have put together a selection of previews of their Gen Con 2014 releases and you can check out four of them below. I'm sure there will be plenty more to pick up!

Guardian of the Sea

Female Assassin

First lets check out these two absolutely stunning miniatures. The first is the Guardian of the Sea and is either going to be a painters best friend or worst enemy I fear! The amount of things you could do when it comes to colours and then of course making it look like the miniature is underwater too. The possibilities!  Below her is the more understated Female Assassin who looks brilliant and working on that cloak would be great indeed. I do love cloaks.


Hedgehog Wizard

From where we're flying high with the Angel miniature followed by something a bit more grounded in the Hedgehog Wizard. While the Angel is great I think I have a soft spot for that plucky looking Hedgehog and his rather cool looking Gandalf inspired staff. I do love pretty much everything Dark Sword do when it comes to the anthropomorphic and Game of Thrones for that matter.

Will you be heading by Dark Sword at Gen Con?

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